Monday, October 22, 2012

Jarecki Manufacturing Company East 9th and French St

-ad from Atkinson's 1874-75 Erie City Directory.
Jarecki Manufacturing Company was formed in 1872 by brothers Henry and Charles Jarecki and was located at 149 East 9th St. in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Henry Jarecki was born in Posen in 1826. He came to the U.S. in 1849 and started a small brass works on State Street prior to building a factory on East 9th Street between French and Holland Streets. Charles Jarecki was born in 1837 in Posen. He came to America in 1852.

"The portion of the plant which is located on East Ninth street, and includes the general offices, occupies over half a square, while the iron foundry department, on West 12th Street, covers three and three-fourths acres. The buildings are all substantial stone, brick and iron structures, and range from one to three stories high." -Nelson's Biographical Dictionary.

Jarecki's Iron Foundry was on the southwest corner of West 12th and Chestnut St. in Erie.

"Jarecki Manufacturing Company, an old family firm, was bought by an out-of-town firm...After a family dispute the plant was sold to H. K. Porter for a warehouse for Louis Marx Company toys. The foundry was utilized for Cessna-Erie Corporation castings." -Rotival 1957 Study of Industrial Decline in Erie, PA.

Henry and Charles were the sons of Carl William Jarecki, who died in Erie, PA in 1877 and was buried in the Erie Cemetery.

The buildings shown in the advertisement above have been demolished. Jerry Uht Park, home of the Erie Seawolves, now occupies part of the site of the old Jarecki Manufacturing Company.

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