Saturday, October 13, 2012

Henrik Ostergaard pre-Dirty Looks band Crossfire

-ad in the Erie Star, Dec. 1982, courtesy of R. J. Arrowsmith.
Dirty Looks was one of the hottest hard rock bands to come out of Erie, PA, signing with a major label and touring the country. Dirty Looks was lead by Henrik Ostergaard, the enigmatic lead vocalist and guitarist.

Henrik was performing in local bands long before Atlantic Records released Dirty Looks' Cool From the Wire album in 1988.

Henrik fronted the Erie band Crossfire, and released a 45 with the songs "Love on Demand" and "Doctor" on the Select Sound label. In addition to Henrik, the band included Jim Chartley on bass and vocals, Chris Trott on guitar and vocals, and Ed Bosak on drums.

Ostergaard and Chartley moved to California to start an early incarnation of Dirty Looks. By the time Cool From the Wire was recorded, Henrik was performing with Paul Lidel, Jack Pyers and Gene Barnett.

Henrik Ostergaard is shown on the far right in the Crossfire photo, minus his usual long hair, sunglasses and baseball cap. Henrik died January 27, 2011. He was 47 years old.

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