Sunday, October 21, 2012

Epp Furniture 1307 State Street Erie PA

-ad in Erie Dispatch-Herald, January 7, 1927.
Epp Furniture Company was in the same location for at least 45 years, at 1307-1309-1311 State Street in Erie, PA. The building still stands, although the facade has been covered by panels above the first floor. This is the third building south of 13th Street on the east side of the street.

George Epp chartered the Epp Furniture Company in 1921 with $350,000 in capital.

George L. Epp was president and treasurer of the Epp Furniture Co. in 1922. Edward M. Epp was vice-president, Arthur D. Epp was secretary. The store sold furniture, carpets, stoves and furnaces.

In 1967, Epp Furniture was run by Robert Taft, president and treasurer; Arthur Meyer, vice-president; James Daly, vice-president merchandising; Elizabeth Taft, secretary. The store sold furniture and floor coverings. It also offered an interior decorating service.

Elizabeth Taft was the daughter of Epp Furniture founder George L. Epp. She married Robert Taft in March of 1944. So, by studying the genealogy of the Epp family, we learn that this furniture company was a two-generation business venture.

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