Thursday, October 18, 2012

8th and State Street Western Union Erie PA

Detail from a postcard of State Street in Erie, PA. Courtesy of Erie Police historian Ken Sidun.
Here is an early scene from State Street in Erie, Pennsylvania from the days when the trolley ran down the center of State St. The first building on the left is the First National Bank at 715 State St. The next building to the right (south) is 719 State St., which has a sign advertising a 'Big Expansion Sale.' The next building, with the 'Billiards' arrow overhanging the sidewalk, is Gravin's at 721 State St. The 'Western Union' sign overhangs the sidewalk at 723 State St. The next building is 727 State St., which was later the home of Duggan-Rider.) The Ariel building is the tall, skinny brick building at 729 State Street, which is the northeast corner of Eighth and State Streets.

The facade of the First National Bank building was moved to East 26th Street in Erie.

Palace Hardware is the taller brick building with the American flag above the trolley car

Here is a view of the 700 block of State Street from around 1967:


  1. The building on the southeast corner of 8th & State is the old Penn Building. Security Peoples trust Co. was formed in 1929. In 1930, the building was replaced by the present structure, along with the Warner Theater in 1931.

  2. Was the Ariel Building by any chance named for the USS Ariel, the ship that returned Perry to Erie in October 1813, after the Battle of Themes?