Sunday, October 28, 2012

12th Street Market on French Street 1928 Erie PA

-ad in Erie Dispatch-Herald, April 25, 1928
The Twelfth Street Market was touted as 'Erie's food supply center in the heart of Erie.' This large indoor market had entrances on East 12th Street, French Street, East 13th Street and Commerce Street.

The building had 350 stores or booths inside in 1928. Some of the vendors at that time included Charles Foht, Frank Lore & Son, B. P. Bean & Son, Eli Phillips & Son, Meiser's, Mrs. J. H. Murphy, Driscoll's Fish & Oyster, the Lincoln Coffee Co. and St. George's.

There were also markets on Parade Street and on 16th and State Street.

The 12th Street Market had free parking for 500 cars. Customers could also take the bus to do their grocery shopping. Items for sale included fresh perch and pike, hamburg, pork, cabbage, asparagus and other fruits and vegetables in season. You could also purchase dairy products such as milk and butter.

Did your family have a stall or a store in any of the markets, such as the Twelfth Street Market, Central Market or the Parade Street Market? Drop me a line and let me know.


  1. I wish Erie still had a market like this. I dont remember it, but i have been to other cities that have them and they are GREAT!!!

  2. The 12th & French Market burned down, along with the 12th Street Roller Rink in April, 1951