Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Union Depot Railroad Station 1925 Erie, PA

The old Union Depot railroad station in Erie, PA in 1925 before it was demolished.
-Erie Business Directory, 1868-69.
The old Union Depot was located along the railroad tracks at 14th St. between Peach and Sassafras Streets in Erie, Pennsylvania. "It was erected at an expense of $100,000. The building is of brick, in the Romanesque style, and is 480 feet in length, 88 feet in width, two stories high, and is surmounted by a handsome cupola, of the height of 40 feet." -Erie Business Directory, 1868-69.

The new Union Station replaced the old depot around 1927. It still stands and is now home to Amtrack, a restaurant and a brewpub. There was a time when there were several passenger trains each day the stopped in Erie and traveled to Chicago and New York City.

The Arts & Drafts Festival was held in the Station at Union Square Sept. 6-8, 2012, featuring a number of local artists, musical performers and short films in the park across the street.

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