Friday, September 28, 2012

REO Speedwagon Master of the Road and WJET-AM

-ad in Erie Dispatch Herald, November 23, 1924.
Neal Doughty at WJET-AM in Erie, PA circa 1983. Photo by Debbi Lyon.
REO Speedwagon was the Master of the Road in 1924 and then again in 1984. Depending on what generation you grew up on, REO Speedwagon has two different connotations. Same logo, but two very different things. Both good for Ridin' the Storm Out.

The Arbuckle Company at 1806 State Street in Erie, PA was the local dealer for the Reo Motor Car Company. The Speedwagon was a light motor truck with a flatbed that could be converted to carry cargo or passengers. REO was short for Ransom E. Olds, who also founded the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. Check out a short video of the 1924 REO Speedwagon here:

REO Speedwagon used this name and logo for their band. They've played Erie, PA a couple of times, one of them at Gannon University's Hammermill Center on March 21, 1990, and another at the Liberty Park Amphitheater on June 12, 2011.

The band received tons of local airplay for hits such as "Ridin' the Storm Out," "Keep On Lovin' You," "Can't Fight This Feeling" and "Don't Let Him Go" to name a few.

Keyboardist Neal Doughty stopped by WJET-AM at 1635 Ash Street in Erie, PA on May 21, 1987 to sign autographs and promote a concert at the Erie Civic Center. Neal founded REO Speedwagon in the late sixties.

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