Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penn State Behrend Glenhill Estate Aerial Photo

The Glenhill Farm, now Penn State Behrend, circa 1948. Photo courtesy of Dr. Barbara Chambers. 
Mary Behrend donated the Glenhill Farm off of Station Road for use as the campus of the new Pennsylvania State College Behrend Center in 1948. Her husband, Ernest Behrend, a co-founder of Hammermill Paper Company, passed away on this estate in 1940, leaving her a widow. Mr. Behrend was buried nearby in Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery.

The black rectangle near the center of the photograph is the heated pool. You can also see the Glenhill Farmhouse and the Carriage House. It's amazing how much property Behrend now owns in Harborcreek Township. Check out a Google Earth view of Behrend to see how this sliver fits into the big picture. The campus is bordered by I-90, Route 290 (the Eastside Bayfront Connector) and Route 430.

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  1. Great picture, Debbi! I have a question for you. Right on "old" Station Rd. in front of the new Lacrosse stadium, is a very old two-story house that someone restored about the time the connector was being built. Nothing has been done with it since. Just curious, but what's the story?

  2. Heated pool? My memory of that pool (from some time in the 50s) was that it was ice cold.