Sunday, September 2, 2012

Loblaws had 13 Erie, PA Grocery Stores in 1974

-ad in Erie Morning News, August 14, 1974.
Remember the Loblaws grocery chain? The grocery store chain had 13 stores in Erie County, PA in August of 1974. Thirteen was not a lucky number for this Buffalo, NY business. The Loblaw Inc. chain was purchased by the Peter J. Schmitt Co., which closed (or sold) several stores in October of 1982. Several buildings remain, some of which are still used as grocery stores, but the Loblaws chain is long gone from Erie.

In August of 1974, Loblaws had the following locations:
1) Erie Central Mall. Howard Roy, mgr.
2) Liberty Plaza. Bill Brandon, mgr. (Now Topps Market at 712 West 38th St.?)
3) Perry Plaza. Carl Hoffman, mgr. (This store is now Erie County Farms)
4) 3580 Peach St. Bill Ball, mgr.
5) 255 East 38th St. (at Old French Road), John Crowell, mgr. (Now Value Home Center)
6) Harborcreek Mall, Jim Mifsud, mgr. (This mall was demolished.)
7) 2203 West 12th St. Fran Forish, mgr.
8) Eastway Plaza. Ed Harrity, mgr. (Now vacant on Buffalo Rd, west of the new Giant Eagle.)
9) 5039 Peach St. Ray Welch, mgr.
10) East Erie Plaza- 838 East 6th St. Charles Kiehlmeier, mgr.
11) North East. Paul Hammer, mgr.
12) Legion Road off of West 26th St. Bruce Carpenter, mgr.
13) 3712 West 12th St. Joe Rooney, mgr. (Now Harley-Davidson of Erie.)

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  1. The East Erie Plaza and North East locations are still grocery stores; not remembering the names. The Eastway Plaza store was part of the building demolished for Giant Eagle.

    I didn't remember a Loblaws in the central mall; did it co-exist with Kroger? Interesting ...

  2. They still are a very active chaim throughout Canada. I almost fell over when I went into one outside of Toronto.

  3. I remember one on Pine Avenue near 38th. My friends father was manager. Their last name was "Cook"

  4. Loblaws original store was in the south east corner closest to peach & west 18 st. It was originally Century Super Markets purchased by Loblaws inc Buffalo ,NY. Then in the early 80's they moved into the Kroger Store on the north west Corner !!! :-)

  5. My dad worked for Jim Mifsud at Harbocreek Mall when I was a kid. Boy, did hearing that name take me back! I remember that mall. It had a D&K I think, and a small bank. And there was a greasy dinor as well - I remember it was really loud and I loved hearing the cooks yelling orders back and forth.

  6. In the '40s-'50s, there was a Loblaws store on the corner of W 8th and Mohawk. My grocer father's comment on the expanding Loblaws chain: Their newest one has 10 rest rooms -- so people won't go to the A&P (another chain).