Monday, September 17, 2012

How Different is Erie from 1927?

-ad in Erie Dispatch-Herald, July 6, 1927.
The Andrews Land Company placed an interesting advertisement in the Erie Dispatch-Herald on July 6, 1927: "How Different is the Erie of 1927 From the Erie We Knew in 1910."

The article states: "What a difference a few years make in the growth of a city! In 1910 Erie had no Lawrence Hotel. Remember? There was no Marine Bank Building- no Second National Bank Building- no Commerce Building. The Ariel Building, the Palace Hardware Building, have been built since 1910.

And the beautiful Erie Trust Company building was not completed until this year. In 1910 there were very few residences west of Cascade Street. There was almost no houses west of East Avenue- and only a few scattered groups of homes south of 26th Street.

Central High School was regarded in 1910 as our leading educational institution. But since that time five new and beautiful high schools have been built- East High, Wilson High, Lincoln High, Academy High, and Roosevelt High. And another new high school is planned for West Eighth Street.

The entire General Electric Company plant; almost all of the Hammermill Paper Company plant, and more than half of the newer manufacturing plants in Erie have gone up since 1910.

More than 12,000 new homes have been built since 1910. And many new grade schools, new churches, and additions to Hamot and St. Vincent's hospitals.

That's progress!"

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