Friday, September 14, 2012

Highland Park W. 26th and Evanston 1929 Lot Prices

-ad in Erie Dispatch-Hearld, August 14, 1929.
Lots in the Highland Park subdivision sold for $69 to $499 in the summer of 1929. As an added bonus, you did not have to pay interest during the first year, or taxes for the first two years.

Highland Park's southern border was West 26th, later to become much busier when Route 20 was widened. This area is a busy commercial district in Millcreek Twp. in Erie County, PA. The old McDonald's restaurant on the north side of Route 20 was part of Highland Park.

The are stretches north to approximately 21st Street and includes the cross streets Filmore, Lowell and Evanston Avenue.

Drown-Russell Co. owned Highland Park in 1929. As an enticement to get potential buyers to visit the property, the realty company gave away a ticket to win a 1929 Chevrolet Sedan, aluminum cake pans, coffee and sandwiches to all adults who visited the site. There is still a playground called Highland Park on West 22nd St. between Lowell and Evanston Ave.

Peninsula Drive is labeled as Trinity Road on this 1929 map. It also shows the location of the old West Millcreek High School, which was just west of Westminster Presbyterian Church on Route 20.

Highland Park was just west of Sportsman's Field. You can read about the races there in this article:

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