Monday, September 10, 2012

Brooklyn Addition Buffalo Road 1918 Erie PA

-ad in Erie Dispatch, August 15, 1918 for the Brooklyn Addition.
The Callahan-Reed Development Co. offered 60 lots for sale on the Brooklyn Addition on August 16, 1918. This area, from Downing Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue, was developed by the Erie Housing Authority as the Harbor Homes in 1938. This is in the 1800 block of Buffalo Road.

The advertisement for the Brooklyn Addition in 1918 stated:
"A Remarkable Opportunity! To secure inside property at prices way below adjoining values. Sixty lots that have laid dormant while the city grew up to, over, around and beyond them. The owner being a non-resident did not realize the value. We induced him to place them on the market at his old prices- prices that were made before the big things began to happen in Erie- prices that leave a wide margin of profit between the prices that we can sell at today and their actual value.

These sixty lots are in the Brooklyn Addition which is located on the Buffalo Road, a wide paved highway, at Stop 6 just beyond Downing Avenue; on a city car line, city water, electric lights and telephone service right at the property now.

Brooklyn Addition is within a few minutes walk to the General Electric Co., Nagle Engine Works, Nagle Boiler Works, Erie City Iron Works, U.S. Horseshoe Plant and may other big East Side plants. You can come home to your meals, you can walk to your business if you live in Brooklyn Addition."

The Brooklyn Addition is the current site of a Project in Erie, Pennsylvania. Here is information about the Harbor Homes:

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