Sunday, August 26, 2012

Zabawa Holy Trinity Polish Summerfest Erie, PA

Holy Trinity Catholic Church has celebrated its Polish heritage in a big way every summer, throwing a three-day festival called Zabawa, which began in 1993.

Zabawa spans the entire campus of the church, from East 22nd to East 23rd. The church itself borders Reed Street, and the auditorium is on 23rd St. Polka music blares almost non-stop either from live bands or from a disc jockey. A wood dance floor set on E. 23rd and Reed is a big draw, as is the food, which usually includes bigos (sausage and cabbage), golabki (cabbage roll), pierogi z serum (pierogi with cheese), czarina (duck soup), zrazy zawijane (sirloin with sausage, bacon and pickle wrapped inside), kotlet mielony (Swiss steak pattie) and kartoflane placki (potato pancakes). Sweets include bread, cookies, cakes, pies and paczki (Polish donuts).

Holy Trinity's parish built its own church at 2220 Reed Street in the winter of 1903 and is part of the Catholic Diocese of Erie, PA.

The 20th Annual Zabawa takes place August 23, 24 & 25, 2013 at Holy Trinity Parish on 23rd and Reed Streets. For more information, check the Holy Trinity RC Church website.

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