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Top Ten Pop Bottlers in 1950 in Erie, PA

-ad in Erie Dispatch, July 28, 1950.
There were a number of pop bottling companies on Erie's east side, and a few on the westside, in 1950. Hard to believe that a twelve ounce bottle of pop (or soda for you non-Erieites) was only 8¢. As an added bonus, kids could go around a find a few empty pop bottles, take them to the corner store, and earn enough money to buy a candy bar. Soft drinks had their own reward. Some of these bottles are considered collector's items today. Check antique stores and eBay and you'll see what I mean.

The bottlers on this list included:

Canada Dry Bottling

Crown Bottling Works, 551 East 22nd St. (Squirt, Crown & Dad's Root Beer)

Crystal Bottling Works, 501 Ash St.

Dr. Pepper Bottling Co., 1154 West 8th St.

Golden Eagle Beverages, Inc., 1825 Parade St.

Lakeside Beverages, 824 West 12th St. (Nesbitt Bottling Co. was also listed at this address.)

Mehler Bottling Works, 1218 Parade St.

Nehi Bottling Co., 1710 French St.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., 1801 German St. (Pepsi & Ma's Old Fashioned Root Beer)

Rola Bottling Co., 341 East 3rd St.

Saegertown Beverage Distributing Co.

[Curiously, Coca-Cola Bottling Co., 2325 Broad St., did not appear on this list.]

Here's an ad for Rola Cola: an advertisement for Rola Cola.

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  1. Vernor's! :)

    I remember Mehler (didn't they bottle 7Up back in the day?) and Rola, where Dad would take us kids to choose a case full of pop in a variety of neon-colored flavors.