Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tire King on West 12th St 1964 Millcreek, PA

Photo by Chester Wasielewski. ©Debbi Lyon 2012.
The Tire King stood guard at 2401 West 12th Street in Millcreek Township. It was the mascot for Erie Tire King, Inc. around 1964.

This scene was taken on West 12th Street looking west. If you stand in front of NAPA Auto Parts and look towards Dunn Tire you would be in the approximate spot.

Kuharsky Bros Inc Gunsmith was located at 2425 West 12th when this picture was taken. Next we have the Star Drive-In Theatre at 2515 West 12th. Finally, the Dailey's Chevrolet, Inc branch at 2519 West  12th Street (its main location was 1925 State St. in Erie).

These businesses, if they still existed, would be across the street from the current Bob Evans Restaurant.

There's also a nice Conneaut Lake Park billboard on the left advertising Fairyland Forest.

I wonder if the Tire King met the wrecking ball.

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  1. Was this a 2nd location for Dailey's Chevrolet? I thought they were on State St. where Hallman has been for years.