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Sportsman's Field Car Races 26th and Pittsburgh Ave 1949

Ads in Erie Dispatch, June 19, 1949.

Sportsman's Field, 26th & Pittsburgh Ave, Erie, PA 1949

Before Interstate 79 was extended to the area near 26th and Pittsburgh Avenue, Sportsman's Field was the place to see daredevil car races on a quarter mile dirt track and professional wrestling matches. The field existed from 1949 until about 1952 and is now the site of an industrial park.

Joie Chitwood and his World Champion Daredevils performed at Sportsman's Field on Monday, June 20th, 1949. The ad stated, "These men are candidates for death. Each one is living on borrowed time and that time is awfully short. See this thrilling jump from ramp to ramp in a new 1949 Ford...12 daredevil drivers...27 death defying stunts...The world's greatest Superman drivers selected from the leading European, American speedways and Hollywood movie lots will challenge death at a mile-a-minute. Racing and crashing new sedans, driving motorcycles through roaring flames...attempting every conceivable thrill stung. Watch these Supermen tempt fate every thrill-packed second!"

Sportsmen's Field at 26th and Pittsburgh Avenue in Millcreek Township was a 1/4 mile dirt track, with 50 foot wide turns and straightaways. The field had 25 acres of free parking.

Here's an article on the Iroquois Avenue Speedway aka Thuderbowl Speedway from 1959:

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