Friday, August 17, 2012

Robert Hall Clothes East 26th St Erie PA

Robert Hall Clothes opened at 420 East 26th Street in the mid-fifties. There were 162 Robert Hall stores in the U.S. in Sept. of 1953. By March of 1956, the number rose to 220 stores. Originally, the chain was a division of United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc. The owners of Robert Hall filed for bankruptcy in 1977.

Check out this Robert Hall television commercial posted by Papajoesvideoscom1:

Hofmann's Church and Religious Goods moved from 261 East 28th Street to the bigger store at 420 East 26th Street after Robert Hall closed. In 1967, Hofmann's was owned by Richard and Frances Hofmann.

I am looking for a photo of Robert Hall on East 26th St., as well as other businesses in this block, from the late fifties or early sixties, taken by someone who lived in Erie. Most of the stores had a similar rectangular building design, so it would be easy to unknowingly mix up locations.

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