Friday, August 10, 2012

Ricardo's Tavern Grand Opening 1948 Erie PA

Ad in Erie Daily Times, May 17, 1948.
Ricardo's Tavern opened in May of 1948 at 2112 East Lake Road in Erie, PA. The restaurant is still in business at the same address. It was remodeled following a destructive fire, reopening in 2012.

Jimmy Manucci and the Tune Toppers headlined the festivities on the opening night.

"Lovers of fine Italian foods will welcome the opening of Ricardo's Tavern. Skilled Italian cooks are on duty during hours the tavern is open. Antipasto, spaghetti and a variety of other tasty dishes...both Italian and American...will be prepared to patron's individual likes without advance notice. All popular beverages and mixed drinks are also served."

Ricardo's Tavern had fresh pizza every Friday and Saturday night.

The business was owned by Ricardo 'Ric' and Hank DeDionisio. (It was formerly Arduini's.)


  1. Ate there this week! delicious!

  2. I'm friends with the DeDionisio family and shared your post with them - they'll be very excited, I'm sure! Thank you for your post!