Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pilot House 3rd and State St. 1963 Erie, PA

Pilot House, 3rd & State St., Erie, PA. Photo by Chester Wasielewski.©Debbi Lyon 2012.
-ad in Erie Daily Times, January 18, 1963.
Stop by the Pilot House, the 'House of Thrills' at 3rd & State Street in Erie, PA for the return engagement of Chi-Chi, Goddess of Fire. If Chi-Chi is too hot for you, check out H. J. Harden, 'The Shout Man' and King of the Twisters, or Saxophone Billy Rickert.

Remember driving by this place when you were
Buggin' State Street? The Pilot House is another in a long list of buildings in downtown Erie that don't exist anymore.

The Diamond National Building (300 State St.), visible on the left side of the photo above, still stands.


  1. Great that the Diamond building next door?

    1. Good eye, Greg! Yes, it is the Diamond National Building to the north of the Pilot House.

  2. H.J Harden was my stepfather and today is the 15 year anniversary of his passing. I came upon this article by complete coincidence and it couldn't have happened at a better time! Do you have any other info on him or his band?

  3. Was the PIlot House later the Mermaid Inn?