Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marine Bank 901 State St Erie, PA 1913

901 State St., Erie PA from 1913 Official Perry Centennial Souvenir Book of Erie.
Here is a shot of a building that still stands on the southeast corner of 9th and State in Erie, PA. The Marine National Bank occupied 901 State Street when this photo was taken around 1913. The building is said to have been constructed around 1911. I wonder how many millions of dollars have passed through these front doors.

Officers of Marine National Bank in 1922 included W. E. Beckwith, President, H. L. Moore, Vice President, C. G. Strickland, 2nd Vice President, W. E. Rindernecht, Cashier, Lylte L. Salsbury and George A. Gibson, Assistant Cashiers.

Trask's was across the street on the northeast corner of E. 9th and State, and the Warner Theatre was a half-a-block to the north on the same side of the street.

PNC Bank currently occupies this building.

According to Nelson's Biographical Dictionary of Erie County, "The Marine National Bank, with a capital of $150,000, was organized March 9, 1865, its first President being B. B. Vincent, and its first Cashier F. P. Bailey. Its location from the beginning has been at the northwest corner of State street and North Park Row, in the Exchange building...On July 11, 1895, the bank, which was re-chartered in 1885, held resources to the amount of $1,479,087." [B. B. Vincent was the father of Col. Strong Vincent.]

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  1. Remember when the facade was covered with vertical (gold?) aluminum strips in the late 60s to give it a more modern look? They continued a little around the corner. At the time, it looked cool. But "more is less" and they were removed later.