Thursday, August 2, 2012

K-104 Top 104 of 1980 part 2 WCCK Erie, PA

Here is the remainder of the K-104 Top 104 of 1980.  As with the first part of this article, this one also has a lot of cool songs that you don't hear on the radio anymore:

#38 Gamma I'm Alive" features guitarist Ronnie Montrose and keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald, who both played with Sammy Hagar.

#50 Survivor "Somewhere In America"Vocalist Jim Peterik had a hit as the lead singer of "Vehicle" by Ides of March.

#102 Off Broadway "Stay In Time" Lead singer Cliff Johnson was in Pezband, another of my favorite bands. Great Chicago power pop. I must have played the Off Broadway album every day for a year.

#40 The Inmates "The Walk" (I really like their version of "Dirty Water" as well.)

#79 Linda Ronstadt "How Do I Make You" I played this album a million times. A really good song, but there are better ones on the album. Linda was one of the first artists to play the new Tullio Arena on her "Get Closer" tour in 1983.

#68 The Pulse  "You Want To Know Why."

Did you miss Numbers 1-34 of the  Top 104 of 1980? Want to read about the Commerce Building, the former home of K-104?

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