Wednesday, August 1, 2012

K-104 Top 104 of 1980 part 1 WCCK Erie, PA

The K-104 year end Top 104 was a big event for the teenagers of Erie. If I remember correctly, songs were counted down in reverse order, starting at #104, which was "She's Out Of My Life" by Michael Jackson.

I had several cassette tapes ready to record my favorite songs (which did not include any Michael Jackson).

This list hung on my bedroom wall for a long time. One local band- The Pulse- appeared on the list at #68 with "You Want To Know Why." The band included Bob Burger, Jeff Burger, Marty Lee and Jeff 'Tune' Klahr.

Other favorites include:

#15 "The Very Last Time" by Utopia

#21 "Say Hello" by April Wine


  1. Thank you for doing this! I have been searching for that list (and others) for ages. Do you have any other K104 lists? I'm hoping to find top 104's, Memorial 500's, and weekly charts from 1984 and earlier. (I don't know if weekly charts existed, but I would love to see them if they did.) Copies or scans are fine--I'm not after them as "collectibles", I just want the information. I have copies of the top 104 lists from 1985-1987, if you are interested.

  2. I have lots of K104 stuff

  3. I am from southwestern Ontario and listened to Bill Shannon on WCCK Erie K104 with there jingle K104 YOU GOT IT! for endless hours.
    K104 was a pioneer in Southwestern Ontario just across lake Erie we picked it up loud and clear.
    I still have K104 keychains and Top countdown sheets I sent away for thru the mail
    now over some 30 to 35 years ago.
    K104 Rocked!

    1. Too bad I didn't see this sooner and too bad I have no way to contact you. I have been looking for some of these lists for years with no luck.

  4. Used to listen to WCCK in the early 70's on weekends.... Can still hear the announcer saying "WCCK cares about Dunkirk, NY".... Oh for the day of real music n dj's...... right up there with another fav radio station of the 60'S, CKLW......

  5. I worked many many years ago at the WCCK studios in Erie P.A. I worked very closely with Bill Shannon and JJ Sanford to mention to just a few. From k104 ended up at Buffalos ROCK 102 Wben fm Buffalo a fully automatic station until the mid 80s. K104 was at its time the #1 station in Erie long before Rocket 101 or even Jet radio took off. The station stood the test of time

  6. I live in tillsonburg Ontario and we all listened to K104 WCCk erie. What a powerful station with Bill Shannon it was #1 for all of us in Ontario across the lake. K104 You Got It was there slogan and a pioneer in radio back ion the 80s

  7. +1 another Tillsonburg native that listened. Best station back then for sure.