Thursday, August 9, 2012

Johnny J. Jones Circus played 18th and Ash in 1948

Ad in Erie Daily Times, June 19, 1948
The new Johnny J. Jones Exposition, billed as the Mighty Monarch of the Tented World, played the circus grounds at 18th and Ash Street in Erie, Pennsylvania June 21 to June 26, 1948. The newspaper ad, which was a black & white version of the circus poster, touted two enormous railroad trains loaded with 50 great attractions.

Billboard Magazine reviewed the show in its July 3, 1948 issue:
"Patronage here was particularly gratifying to the org's co-owners, Morris Lipsky and Harold (Buddy) Paddock, inasmuch as there was plenty of opposition. Two name bands were in town, midget auto races were running, and Jimmie Lynch's Death Dodgers were in for a still date Friday Night (25). Moreover, the broadcasts of the Republican National Convention also served as a counter-attraction.
Harvey Williams's midget show, comprised of nine midgets, including the Three Del Rios, joined on here, bowing Thursday night (24). The mechanism of the Bruno Zacchini cannon went haywire Monday night (21), and the gal 'projectile' sustained burns which forced the act to lay off for the remainder of the stand."

The Cole Brothers Circus appeared at the Ash Street circus grounds in 1944.

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