Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hit and Run Erie, PA 1982 Johnson, Russo, Scott and Mod

Hit & Run

The Erie Star featured a lengthy article on theErie, PA band Hit & Run in August of 1982. The band at that time included guitarist Eric Johnson, keyboardist Mike Russo, bassist Tony Scott, drummer Gary Mod and lead singer Clark Johnson.

A later version of Hit And Run included Mike Russo, Timothy Patrick McLaughlin, Keith Mazanowski and Hank B.

(continued from page four)...some gutsy heavy metal tunes. I think true music fans would delight in hearing some new originals from this band. I certainly would enjoy a few! After all, Hit and Run is a sure crowd pleaser if the crowd feels like having fun, partying and booging." Cindi L. "A Rocker Who Knows"

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