Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frosty Cup on Parade Street in Erie, PA

I had a newspaper route from 1977 to 1979 which started at Slomski's Funeral Home, went down Ash Street to the railroad tracks, back up to East 21st Street and then went across 21st to Wayne Street and up Wayne and Reed to 22nd. I delivered to a motorcycle shop owned by Tech teacher Bernie Novotny and to Atkinson's Barbershop.

We used to get prizes for getting new "starts" such as the coupon pictured above. Prizes are great. Except when you forgot to cash in the coupons. Since there is no expiration date listed on the coupon, it should still be good, right? Well, they would be if the ice cream stands were not TORN DOWN.

It seems like my sister Michelle and I went to Frosty Cup every day during the summer. I got a pint of vanilla ice cream. I'm not sure what she got. I delivered Route 0457 and my sister had 0455. We got our papers at the old fire hall on 23rd and Ash. Our District Manager was Danny Wagner.

Years later, after I got married, I found out that Frosty Cup was owned by my husband's cousin, Kenny Wodecki. As they say, it's a small world.

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