Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C. J. Bri at Sweetheart Hop 1970 Erie, PA

-ad in Erie Daily Times, February 12, 1970.
Check out this ad for the first public appearance of C. J. Bri, a progressive trio featuring Jon Ims,  organist John Novello and drummer Jay Lewis (ala Emerson, Lake & Palmer). The band played the Sweetheart Hop at Rainbow Gardens at Waldameer Park on Friday the 13th of February, 1970. Love how the ad says, "Come & decide if this group makes it." Only in Erie, PA!

Novello formed C. J. Bri after the demise of Symon Grace and the Tuesday Blues. He has had a long career in the music industry as an author, composer, producer, music educator and and keyboardist (he plays in Niacin with bassist Billy Sheehan).

Jon Ims wrote the Trisha Yearwood hit "She's In Love With the Boy."

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