Sunday, July 8, 2012

Waldameer Tin Can Day July 15, 1927 Erie, PA

Waldameer Amusement Park ad in the Erie Dispatch-Herald from 1927.
This ad from the Erie Dispatch-Herald made me laugh. Tin Can Day at Waldameer Park in Millcreek Township, PA.

"Boys and Girls Save Your Tin Cans! Any old can and 3¢ entitles you to a ticket good on any ride. The more tin cans you bring to Waldameer the more rides you get!

One can and 3¢ for one ride.

No limit to the number of cans you bring, so put your cans on a string and come to Waldameer Friday, July 15th, 1927."

Can you imagine some kid dragging twenty tin cans behind him on his way to Waldameer? I wonder what the park did with all the tin cans?

Here is an ad which includes the Top Ten rides at Waldameer Park in 1941: Top Ten Rides at Waldameer Park in 1941.

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