Friday, July 6, 2012

Top 7 Restaurants in Erie, PA in 1956

This ad from the Erie Playhouse production of "King of Hearts" from January of 1956 shows seven of the top restaurants in Erie, Pennsylvania. The list includes:

  • Riccardo's "We specialize in steaks, chops and spaghetti"
  • The Den- was located at 832 Peach St., you can still buy 'The Den' sauce
  • Kontis Restaurant "Handsome Italian prints and excellent service of better foods in a quiet atmosphere"
  • Angelotti's was located at 502 West 17th Street
  • Hotel Lawrence was located at 10th and Peach
  • Cathay House was located at 12 West 7th St. "Delicious Chinese food served with dignity in quiet surroundings"
  • Barnacle Bill's was located at 3122 West Lake Road "A Bill-o-fare of unusual dishes made from the finest food obtainable.
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  1. I remember my parents used to go to Kontis Restaurant on 8th and Pittsburgh Avenue and would bring us home French Fried Onion Rings they were famous for making. The memories are coming back.

  2. I remember going to the Amity Inn on some Sundays for dinner. My sister and I would be dressed in matching dresses. Mom would let us eat sugar cubes as we waited for our meal. It was such a special place to us.

  3. We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at Kontis Restaurant 35 years ago, tonight!(1978) It was such a classy place and impressed my Pittsburgh in-laws very much. I can still remember that steak and those onion rings! Thanks for the memory!