Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sorry, Captain Kangaroo Fans. 1956 Trask's ad

Ad in Erie Daily Times, October 15, 1956.


I came across this bizarre advertisement when I was scanning the Erie Daily Times on microfilm. There is no way I could make up something this strange. 

A kangaroo was going to make an appearance at Trask's store in downtown Erie, PA on one day, and then appear at its store in the West Erie Plaza the following day. 

"Sorry, Capt. Kangaroo fans, our kangaroo died en-route to Trask's. Watch this paper for further announcement for new kangaroo. Trask, Prescott & Richardson Co."

I don't know what to say, but I wonder if it was necessary to tell the kids that the kangaroo died on the way to Trask's. What happened to the poor thing? We may never know.

Trask's was four stores south of the Warner Theatre on State Street, where Mid-City Towers is now. 

Here is a picture of Trask's from 1965:

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