Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Car Dealers in Erie, PA 1965 pt.2

1965 General Telephone Co. listing of new car dealers
Here's the second installment of the list of automobile dealers that sold new cars in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1965. This time we have Imperial, Jeep, Lincoln Continental, Mercedes-Benz and Mercury. Dealers included Dahl Motors, Pierce Motor Sales, Kimmel's, Reslink & Wiggers, Times Square Motors, MacKay-Swift, Maxson Buick, McQuillen, Meadowcroft, Shade's Auto Sales and Murphy's.

Times Square Motors was located at 138 East 12th St. in Erie, PA.

Here's an ad for a 1965 Imperial:

Here's a link to New Car Dealers in Erie, PA 1965 pt.1:


  1. Interesting that Meadowcroft Dodge and Dahl Motors both started out on East 12th St. I remember, in 1972 or so, my late Grandfather bought a car from Meadowcroft on Pittsburgh Ave.

    I believe Reslink & Wiggers was later the location of Bianchi Honda.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was the one who suggested it. I was sure Dahl Motors was on W 12th but nobody believed me. My Dad bought his first new car - a 1966 Plymouth Fury II station wagon - there.

    Do you have any listings for Pool Halls in the '60s? I remember Block's next door to the Warners and Larry's on 6th & French (before Erie Ins bought up all of downtown). Schau's on 11th & State & Hutch's was in the basement. There was one on E. 26th street that had 2 tables & several other small rooms here & there. And, of course, the Coliseum on between State & Peach on 16th.

    And since I don't see anywhere else to send suggestions or comments, let me thank you for your efforts. I always enjoy them.

    PS I went to school with your brother Mike.

  3. does anyone know what happened to the Coliseum?