Thursday, July 26, 2012

First State Liquor Store opened in Erie Dec. 27, 1933

The first State Store was opened in Erie, PA on December 27, 1933. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board was established just prior to the December 5, 1933 repeal of Prohibition. The store was located at 618 State Street, in the old Erie Trust company building. Two additional stores, at 1014 Parade Street and 1914 Peach Street (in the original South Erie post office building), were expected to open on January 2, 1934.

"The customer, upon entering, will be confronted with price charts. On them will be listed every type of whiskey, gin, wines, cordials, brandies, etc. After determining what he wants he fills out a blank, listing the liquors chosen. It is then given to a clerk who will get the purchase from the stock. A cashier will handle the money. The liquor will be kept in bins and they are not to be in plain view, the law states. That is to prevent clerks 'pushing' certain brands." -Erie Daily Times, Dec. 14, 1933

This is a far cry from the modern self-service store, which was adopted by the PLCB in January of 1969.

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