Sunday, July 22, 2012

Erie Restaurants- Panos New York Lunch- Perry Square

Panos' New York Lunch in Perry Square. Photo by Chester Wasielewski. ©Debbi Lyon 2012.
Does anyone remember stopping at Panos' New York Lunch in Perry Square after getting off a bus at the nearby Greyhound station? The building was for rent when this photo was taken by Chester Wasielewski. This location of Panos' NY Lunch sold products by Meadow Brook Dairy. The New York Lunch sign on this building was painted over the sign of the previous tenant, Born's Dairy.

New York Lunch was a hot spot amongst workers at the Public Library, the Courthouse and City Hall who were looking for a quick, cheap meal and good conversation.

The donut shop on the right sold products by Sanida Dairy.


  1. When my Dad worked for Golden Glow Dairy delivering milk. He would take me there for coconut pie and a glass of choc milk for helping him.

    THANKS for this memories I lived in Lawrence Park and Erie from 1953-1969.

    Ken Bence

  2. Lol...Oh My Goodness!! My Mom worked at the Born's Dairy on 24th street just 1 block from State. Then she was moved to this Dairy Bar and I went to work there in the summer. I think it was 58/59. What memories!! I so remember dipping ice cream right in front of those windows. They served egg salad and tuna Salad also. I love these old photos. Thank you so much.
    Lillen Spath

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Lillian. Please drop me a line at if you find any pictures of you or your mom at Born's. Would love to see them! Do you know why Born's went out of business?

  3. My Father owned the new york lunch on peach and Liberty anyone remember that?