Monday, July 30, 2012

1938 William Gaber Western Union Telegram

Back in the old days, July 3, 1938 to be precise, people sent telegrams to inform friends and family of breaking news. Dot and Jack sent this telegram via Western Union at 10th and State Street in Erie, PA. They sent news to Mr. and Mrs. William F. Gaber of 507 East 7th Street, Erie Pennsylvania 16503. "We are at Atlantic City Having a grand time."

I couldn't resist including a link to "Western Union" by the Five Americans:

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  1. I remember the office at 10th and State, the Law firm of Lovercheck and Lovercheck was also in the Building. Western Union, at the turn of the century, was on State Street about where Sherlocks is, Postal Telegraph-Commercial Cables was located where Bertrand's is now...