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Woolworth's Liberty Plaza 1955 Grand Opening Erie, PA

-ad in Erie Daily Times, Oct. 12, 1955

Woolworth's Liberty Plaza 1955 Grand Opening Erie, PA

F. W. Woolworth Co. held a grand opening for its new Woolworth's store in the Liberty Plaza October 13 to 15, 1955. The plaza boasted parking for 900 cars, and Woolworth's touted its new Self Service counters. 

The lunch counter at this new Erie, PA location on Liberty Street had 21 seats, and you could get a banana split for a quarter, a hamburger for 50¢, a hotdog for 15¢, hot chocolate for a dime, or a cup of coffee for 7¢.

You could also buy a parakeet for $2.27, a gold fish in a bowl for 37¢ or a blouse for 97¢. The store also had a curtain department and a wrought iron department.

Woolworth's still had two locations in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1994, one in the Liberty Plaza (3622 Liberty Street) and one at 818 State Street in downtown Erie. Both of these stores closed in early 1994.

Woolworth's had a store in the Perry Plaza in 1952. Not sure when this one closed.  The Perry Plaza had parking for 1,000 cars:

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  1. I bought a small alligator at either Woolworth's or Kreske's downtown in the early 60's. It was probably 12" long from head to tail. My mother made me get rid of it since she thought my younger brother would lose a finger.