Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wesleyville First to Build War Memorial in 1945

Wesleyville First to Build War Memorial

The Erie Tribune, August 26, 1945 courtesy of Nancy Schaffner Coake.

Here's a post in honor of the Wesleyville Centennial, which the borough is celebrating this year. The Erie Tribune featured a front page story about the construction of Memorial Field, the same five-acre plot where the Centennial picnic and fireworks were held in early June.

"Long before V-J Day, actually even before Victory in Europe, Wesleyville started plans for the construction of a suitable memorial for its men and women who fought in the armed forces and helped bring World War II to its victorious end.

Late in 1944, representatives from each civic organization met and formed the Wesleyville Memorial Association, Inc., with the purpose in mind to build a memorial athletic center in tribute to all Wesleyville G. I.'s, and particularly those who gave their lives for freedom. 

Through public subscription and various benefits, ample funds were secured to purchase necessary property and start clearing and grading work."

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  1. I never knew there was a Erie Tribune. When did it stop getting produced?