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Two Books for You- Erie Public Library in 1899

Two Books for You- Erie Public Library in 1899

Postcard of the old Erie Public Library on South Park Row in Erie, PA.
The old Erie Public Library building sat on the corner of South Park Row and French Street, in Erie, Pennsylvania. The library was dedicated on February 16, 1899. The original tenants of this building were the Erie School District’s administrative offices, the Public Museum, the Public Library and the Art Club of Erie.

In 1899, the rules were very strict: 
  • Two books may be taken out at one time, provided one only is fiction
  • Works of fiction may be retained seven days; other books fourteen days
  • Marking, writing in, turning down the leaves of, or otherwise defacing books is prohibited. Under the law, any willful damage to Library property renders the offender liable to a severe penalty
  • When a book is due, notice will be mailed to the delinquent. If not promptly returned, a messenger will be sent for it, and a fine of twenty-five cents imposed 
In 2012, the rules are not so strict:
  • One hundred items may be taken out at one time (with limits on DVDs, CDs and Playaways)
  • Magazines and DVDs circulate for one week, best sellers for two weeks, books for three weeks
The library moved from the old location in Perry Square to a new building at 160 East Front Street, where the grand opening was held on December 23, 1996. The Blasco Memorial Library is definitely not your grandmother's library. The old library building on South Park Row is now part of the Federal Courthouse complex for the U.S. District Court, Erie Division.

Here is a plea from the library trustees from 1898.

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  1. Loved the old library. I spent many Saturday afternoons there just browsing the stacks. It fostered my love of books.