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Top 5 Facts about Erie, PA in 1929

Top 5 Facts about Erie, PA in 1929

  1. There are 550 industrial plants, the third city in the United States in diversity of industry. Leads the world in the production of boilers, engines, wringers, gas-meters, electric locomotives, steam hammers, power equipment and appliances. Crowding the leaders in the manufacture of steam shovels, paper, hospital and sterilizing equipment, pipe tools, electric motors, stoves, hinges, pipe organs and chemicals.
  2. Area of the City is 20.5 miles. There are 250 miles of streets, 172 miles of paved streets. 210 miles of sewers.
  3. It is well lighted at night, having over 300 incandescent lights of various candle power, 1,700 pendant arc lights and 500 ornamental arc lights.
  4. The standard of living of the citizens is high, 67 per cent of them maintain savings accounts and over 45 per cent own their homes.
  5. 32 public schools and more being built. A school system second to none. 18 parochial schools of high caliber. *Note: facts are from the book Officials City of Erie 1929, published in Erie, Pennsylvania.
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  1. My dad used to pick up and deliver Odin Stoves that was located on W.12th St. As or some of the others I am not sure if they were in business that year. How about Hammermail paper,American Sterlizer, Bucyrus Erie, and of course the GA.
    We traveled a lot of E.12th st. and there used to be a brick factory. do you have any info on those buildings?