Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sam Cooke at the Warner Theatre in 1958 Erie, PA

Sam Cooke played the Warner Theatre in 1958 in Erie, PA

Twenty acts appeared at the Warner Theatre in Erie, Pennsylvania for the 'Show of Stars for '58' tour on April 23, 1958. They performed two show, one at 7 p.m. and another at 9 p.m. Tickets were reasonable, ranging from two to three dollars. The following singers and groups appeared:
  1. Sam Cooke "You Send Me" (a #1 hit which debuted in Oct. of 1957)
  2. Jimmie Rodgers "Oh, Oh, I'm Falling in Love"
  3. Paul Anka "You Are My Destiny"
  4. George Hamilton the IV "Now and For Always"
  5. Clyde McPhatter "Without Love" 
  6. La Vern Baker "Jim Dandy"
  7. Frankie Avalon "Dee Dee Dinah"
  8. The Silhouettes "Get A Job"
  9. The Royal Teens "Short Shorts"
  10. The Storey Sisters "Bad Motorcycle"
  11. The Crescendos "Oh, Julie"
  12. The Monotones "Book of Love"
  13. The Play Mates "Jo Ann"
  14. Jimmy Reed "You're Somethin' Else"
  15. Jackie Wilson "Reet Petitie"
  16. Harold Cromer "Jim Dandy"
  17. Huey Smith and the Clowns "Don't You Just Know It"
  18. Jimmy Dell 
  19. Bobby Marchan (who later had a #1 R&B hit "There's Something On Your Mind Pt. 2"
Paul Anka, La Vern Baker and Clyde McPhatter had appeared at the Warner on Nov. 13, 1957 on the previous 'Show of Stars' tour. Sam Cook died December 11, 1964, just six years after performing in Erie.

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  1. I was a 9 year old at that time and would have had to save my entire weekly allowence for three months in order to buy a $3.00 seat!

  2. Wow..All these performers for $3.00 they must have only sung one song a piece to have 2 shows... my dad took me to see The Supremes at the Warner I had about 7 or 8 years old at the time..remember they were singing Come See About Me so it had to be around 1964..I wish someone would have posters or photos that show..The show probably was or may have been a Motown Revue with other performers but I just remember the Supremes..