Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rola Cola- Buy it by the case or mix and match

Rola Bottline Co. ad in Erie Morning News, 8-29-1968

Rola Cola anyone?

Remember loading up the kids in the station wagon for a trip to Rola Bottling Company at 341 East 3rd Street in Erie, Pennsylvania?

The plant sat on East 3rd near Parade Street. You could buy a case of Rola Cola, or mix-and-match between twelve different flavors. 

Rola Bottlind Co. was owned by Matthias and Virginia Rothstein.


  1. That's really interesting. I just bought 3 wooden cases filled with empty bottles of Rola. I plan on staining the cases to make them into a bookcase and/or magazine holder. Thanks for a little bit of the history behind this.

  2. How did they make the lime and orange pop so bright??

  3. Hmmm, where have I heard the name Rothstein?

  4. Bill Rothstein used to work at Rola, as his father was the owner. His father used to be known as "Mad Man Matty"........We used to buy pop there all the time

  5. Bill Rothstein was one of the premier operatives in the notorious "Pizza Bomber" thwarted, bank robbery attempt of August 28, 2003. He passed away before he could be charged for his involvement in the crime; see Jerry Clark's and Ed Palattella's excellent summary of this sad piece of Erie history titled "Pizza Bomber."