Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mace Electronics Spectacular 5 Erie County Fieldhouse 1982

Front of four page flyer from Sept. 1982.

Mace Electronics Spectacular 5 at the Erie County Fieldhouse in 1982

The fifth annual Mace Spectacular was held at the Erie County Fieldhouse in Erie, PA Sept. 2 thru 5, 1982. More than 25 vendors set up booths at the fieldhouse, and you could buy stereo equipment, computers, car stereos, microwaves, games and televisions. 

Vendors included Technics, Audio Technica, JVC, Teac, Panasonic, ADC, Maxwell, Loran, Bush, GE, Fisher VTR, Quasar, RCA, Fisher Audio, Sanyo, Sound Dynamics, Mura, Jet Sound, Jensen and Panasonic Auto. Tappan, Toshiba and Litton sold microwaves. Apple Computers showed its latest models. Mace Electronics had a couple of booths set up for custom auto.

You could also buy a GE eight hour video recorder for $488 which had electronic tuning and a remote control, pretty novel for the time. 

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