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Dipson's Eastway Twin Theatres in Harborcreek, PA in 1972

Dipson's Eastway Movie Theaters in Harborcreek, PA in 1972

Dioson's & Blatt Bros. ad in Erie Daily Times June 21, 1972.
Dipson's Theatre was an anchor in the West Erie Plaza in Erie County, PA for many years. The theater sat on the north end of the plaza near West 8th Street. But, did you know that Dipson's also owned the theater in the Eastway Plaza on Buffalo Road in Harborcreek? Here's the proof, an ad in the Erie Daily Times on June 21, 1972 announced the upcoming opening of the twin theater.

The Eastway Twin Theatre, at the very east end of the Eastway Plaza, closed a few years ago. The Eastway Plaza has been refurbished and renamed the Giant Eagle Plaza.

Dipson's also ran the Skyway Drive-In Theatre at 5133 West Lake Road, just west of the airport in Millcreek Township, PA. The movies 'Airport' and 'Andromeda Strain' played at the Skyway in June of 1972.

Blatt Bros. ran the Star Drive-In Theatre at 2515 West 12th Street. Before it closed, it was located across the street from the current location of the Regional Cancer Center. This drive-in featured two Disney hits, 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' and 'The Wild County.'

Here is a map showing the location of  Dipson's Dipson's Theatre in the West Erie Plaza.

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  1. Notice that the movies were suitable for families too.