Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cinema 18 opened in 1968- from Poitier to porn

Cinema 18 opened in 1968- from Poitier to porn

Cinema-18 ad in Erie Morning News, August 18, 1968

The grand opening of Cinema 18 took place in August of 1968. This one-screen theater was located at 145 West 18th Street in Erie, PA. The screen was located at the back end of the theater, and you could hear trains rumble by along the 19th Street tracks. Not the most ideal place to see a movie. The opening feature was the Sidney Poitier film "For Love of Ivy." 

Cinema 18 was designed by Julius Thurtzi and Associates of Erie. 

My husband saw the movie "Doc" (about Doc Holliday) at Cinema 18 in 1971. I saw the Neil Young concert film "Rust Never Sleeps" there in 1979. By 1983, Cinema 18 had turned into a porn theater.
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  1. I remember watching a movie and hearing the trains go by.