Monday, May 21, 2012

Warner Theatre State Street about 1965

Warner Theatre State Street about 1965

Warner Theatre photo by Chester
Wasielewski, © Debbi Lyon 2012.
This shot of the Warner Theatre at 811 State Street in Erie was taken about 1965. The movie on the marquee is "Your Cheatin' Heart" starring George Hamilton as Hank Williams, Sr. 

The remainder of the stores, from left to right, are:
815 State St. ?
815 1/2 State St. Household Finance Loans
817 State St. P.A. Meyer & Sons 
827 State St. Trask's 

The Warner Theatre has been restored to its glory days and many special events are held here, including concerts, dance recitals, high school graduations and weddings. The Floral Gallery is next door at 815 State St. There are law offices at 821 State St. Mid City Towers occupies the corner where the old Trask's department store used to be. Mid City Towers, which has an address of 12 East 9th Street, has several businesses on its ground floor. P.A. Meyer was destroyed by fire and later demolished.

Here are some Erie movie theater ads from 1948.

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  1. My mother worked at P.A. Meyer's for many years. When this picture was taken I might have been upstairs watching my mother sewing suits. It was gutted by a big fire years later. -Ted Gocal

  2. I believ 815 State was home to the Red Door, was it not?

  3. 815 was Park's Mens Store. A very good friend of my father owned it. His name was Eddie Cianelli, and my brother worked there.