Monday, May 28, 2012

Public Dock Iced Over in 1985, Erie, PA

Photo by Chester Wasielewski taken in 1985. ©Debbi Lyon 2012.

Public Dock iced over in 1985 Foot of State Street in Erie, PA

Just think of the brutal wind whipping in from the north, spraying water from the bay onto the old Public Dock. The dock is a perfect place to take in the setting sun, catch a fish or capture  a photo ducks or seagulls. Or, you can go here a shoot the breeze or get an ice cream cone. 

This tourist attraction has been renamed  several times over the years and is now known as Dobbins Landing. The Bicentennial Tower replaced the old structure shown here.

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  1. Your photo brings back my Erie days that varied with the seasons. But cruising state st. In the sum.
    Mer the season of the Erie son was one of the free
    Erie good things. The winter not so much.or taking
    Nolans ferry s sunset cruise thanks for bringin back.the memory j.r. mergler