Saturday, May 26, 2012

Prices of houses in Erie, PA in Dec. of 1921

Houses for sale as advertised in the Erie Dispatch-Herald, Dec. 31, 1921.

Check out these house prices from Dec. 31, 1921!

It's fun to look at old newspapers on microfilm in the Heritage Room at the Blasco Memorial Library. You could buy a house on East 38th (then called Cooper Rd.) and Parade St. for $4,500 in December of 1921. 

Prefer to live on the west side? How about a house at 943 West 5th St. for $9,000 or 702 West 5th St. for $5,500. 

How about a brick bungalow at 2125 Eastern Avenue in Wesleyville for $7,200? This one featured a large building in the rear of the house, part of which could be used as a house. 

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  1. I remember that in 1958,my parents bought a two story house for $10,000. They had a "land Contract" which meant that you paid the down payment (like rent) to the previous owners, then the bank would take on the loan. We had four large bedrooms and a bath with a linen/storage closet behind a door in the hallway. The floors upstairs were wooden. We had a large attic also. The downstairs had a "sitting room" as you walked in (a beveled glass and wood front door with a small foyer,livingroom , diningroom, kitchen and a large basement with a fruit cellar compartment with a side door...all large rooms and a long backyard with a small garage. When I see what homes are going for today! These homes had beautiful wood doorways and front porches that you could sit on with a roof overhang for shade. A cement driveway too. That house still stands in good condition and it was 80 yrs. old when they bought it! Now that was a house!