Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Presque Isle Park map 1932

Guide to Presque Isle Park, Erie, PA by Peninsula Park Syndicate (1932)

Presque Isle Park map 1932

Top Five facts about Presque Isle from 1932:
1) Eleven miles of concrete roadway and a mile of gravel road provides easy access to all parts of the Park.
2) Fifteen miles of trails give extensive opportunity for nature study, hiking, and horse-back riding.
3) Six hundred picnic tables and one hundred picnic stoves provide facilities for picnicking. 
4) On peak days, it is necessary to establish a time limit of 1 1/2 hours for use of a picnic table by any one party.
5) The Park is closed to visitors at 12 p.m. from June 15th to Sept. 15th, and at 11 p.m. from Sept. 15th to June 15th. 

Current information about Presque State Park can be found at:


  1. #5. Closed to visitors at 12 pm? Is that a typo, or is that what Midnight used to be known as in 1932? I love old maps!

  2. think it's a typo --i noticed that somepeople seem to think that
    12 pm is midnight and 12 am is noon.