Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hotel Wayne West 12th & State Street Erie PA

Hotel Wayne on West 12th near State St. Feb. 1961. Photo by Chester Wasielewski ©Debbi Lyon 2012.

Another shot of long lost buildings in Downtown Erie. This one features Hotel Wayne on West 12th Street. The smaller building to the right of the hotel was the side entrance to The Spa. The brown building on the northwest corner of 12th & State was a bar. Notice the old Chevys parked along Twelfth Street? Probably long gone, along with the buildings and the parking meters. 

The little red and white shed might have been used for the traffic cop who directed traffic on 12th and State. There is a red telephone booth to the left of it.

Citizen's Bank currently occupies the northwest corner of Twelfth and State. The rest of the property from State to Peach is a parking lot.

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