Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Erie Blades

The Erie Blades played the Beauce (Quebec) Les Jaros at the Erie County Fieldhouse on March 10, 1976. The Blades competed in Western Division of the North American Hockey League, along with the Broome Dusters, the Buffalo Norsemen, the Johnstown Jets and the Philadelphia Firebirds. One thing was for sure- if you saw the Blades, you could count on a fight on the ice, and the crowd would go wild.

I followed the Blades for about three years, interviewing Val James for the Wilson Citizen, my middle school newspaper. The story, which ran in the December 1979 issue, was the first sports article that I wrote. I mainly wrote about music.

The issue also includes articles that I wrote about the eleven people that died at a Who concert in Cincinnati, OH on Dec. 4, 1979, and article about Quill Eller. Quill Eller featured guitarist Timothy McLaughlin (Strong Vincent Class of '71).

Enjoy more facts and photos of Erie, Pennsylvania at: Old Time Erie

Quill Eller

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