Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EMTA Wishes You a Merry Christmas 1967

EMTA drivers Christmas 1967, Erie, PA.

EMTA Erie Metropolitan Transit Association Dec. 1967

I would venture to say that most Erie, PA natives have hopped aboard an EMTA bus at some point in their lives. I used to catch Route 1 at the corner of 21st and State and ride to Wesleyville every Friday in the early eighties. Most times it was standing room only after school, when the bus was packed with kids heading home after transferring on State Street. People used to ride the bus to shop downtown in the forties and fifties, lugging home bags full of clothing, shoes, hats and other sale items.

On Saturdays, after bowling at the Perry Plaza, I'd save the .85 fare and walk to Record Country at 2905 Buffalo Road to buy a 45. Occasionally, I'd catch Route 1 at 21st and Ash, head west, then transfer to Route 9 to go to the Millcreek Mall. Those were the days when Route 1 traversed the city, and you could ride from the from Eastway Plaza to the West Erie Plaza on the same bus.

This photo shows a jovial bunch of transit workers holding a sing wishing riders a Happy Holiday Season and a Pleasant Trip. The EMTA  drivers, from left to right, include Ernest Loscar, Andrew Franz, Samuel Hayes, Roy D. Polk, Harry Gambill and William Rounds. 

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  1. In the early 50's, my cousin and I would often take the bus from Wesleyville to Erie. While she took her morning piano lesson from Peter LaSure (sp?) I would sit and wait. Many times we would then go to the Boston Store dining room for lunch and watch ladies put on a fashion show of dresses available for sale in the store. Other times it was lunch at the Boston Dinor on Peach Street. And, then it was the Warner for the afternoon matinee. After a wonderful day on the town the bus would deliver us back home to Wesleyville. ... Great memories.

  2. The drivers are still wearing old Erie Coach Co. uniforms in this picture. I remember Sammy Hayes, and Bill Rounds. My Dad Jack W. Boyd drove for Erie Coach until November 1966 when our family moved to Florida. EMTA took over in January'67. Great picture. Thanks!

    1. What route did your dad drive? How many years did he work for Erie Coach Company before he moved?

  3. Do you have any more EMTA bus pictures you could post or send to me from the 60's, 70's and 80's?

  4. The city/county took over Erie Coach and renamed it Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority. I can still visualize Erie Coach's garages on 2nd - 3rd on State across from the old Hamot Nurses' Quarters.